At this time, services are only being provided via telehealth in order to support the safety of our clinicians and clients. Moving forward, it will be at each individual clinicians’ discretion for when/how they provide in-person sessions.

Telehealth is the process of engaging in services through video or telephone. At Clearwater Counseling Chicago, we provide HIPAA compliant video telehealth services through SimplePractice. SimplePractice is also where our clients can self-schedule, complete their paperwork, review billing, and access telehealth sessions.

Benefits to Telehealth:

  • Ability to have counseling in the comfort of your home
  • Increased access to services because you don’t have to travel
  • Screen-sharing opportunity to allow for dual viewing of presentations, videos, or documents
  • Covered by most insurances
  • Supports social distancing and COVID 19 safety recommendations
  • Scheduling flexibility and increased availability

Telehealth services are not right for everyone. Some client challenges may make virtual counseling challenging including safety concerns, trauma, lack of privacy, limited access to stable internet, complex symptomology. It is important to discuss expectations, concerns, and accessibility of telehealth sessions during your initial consultation.