On this page you will find links to books that clients have reported are helpful and that we often use in therapy. You may be able to find these books at your local library or can purchase them online through our affiliate link.

*Please note, we may receive a commission on purchases made through our affiliate link.

The Body Keeps The Score

Why we like it: Van Der Kolk does a great job making sense of what happens in your body when you experience trauma. Many of our clients feel less alone, better able to understand what is happening in their bodies, and that the symptoms are a "normal" part of the body trying to protect itself.


Why we like it: This book helps break down what attachment styles look like in adults. It's not a perfect book but it's a great start to understanding how human do or do not connect to one another. A note: while Attached does a good job illuminating patterns between Anxious and Avoidant relationships, it struggles in empathetically understanding the Avoidantly attached perspective.

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

Why we like it: The Gottmans are awesome. They are so passionate about marital counseling and utilize humor, experience, and scientific research to help you better navigate your relationship(s).

The Whole Brain Child

Why we like it: This book does a great job helping parents understand what is often behind the behaviors they see their children experiencing. While the book tailors to child who have experienced trauma, it is an incredibly helpful resource to any parent that wants to understand how children's brains develop!

Project Gutenberg Library

Why we like it: This is a great resource to find FREE eBooks or audiobooks. They have a large selection and is an eLibrary that runs on donations only. We do not have an affiliate link with them and appreciate their mission!