Sometimes psychotherapy isn’t enough to help clients reach their therapeutic goals. Evaluation and medication can be powerful tools for healing, especially when used in conjunction with therapy. Kelly Zwiers, PMHNP provides psychiatric evaluations and medication management through Telehealth for at Clearwater Counseling Chicago. This service is available for clients that aren’t in therapy or have therapists at another practice- an ROI must be completed.

The benefits of having psychiatric services and therapy at the same practice:

You can feel confident that the nurse will be able to take your insurance

Team approach using collaboration between you, the nurse, and your clinician

Cohesive and collaborative treatment planning

One place for all your medical information, scheduling, session delivery, payment, and paperwork

Opportunity for closely monitoring treatment goals, challenges, and changes

Ability to coordinate other service providers in your treatment such as primary care doctors and specialists

Option to have your CCC clinician attend session with you* *if clinically appropriate

Treatment practices, philosophy and psychopharmacological limitations and risks will be discussed with you during your first appointment.